Hardware and software design and production of electronic boards for semi-professional and professional sectors.


DC3 dispenser for the automation of manual coffee machines up to three dispensing groups

Standard power supply 230V / 115V 50 / 60Hz (other power supplies on request)

Electronic card fixing without using screws

Parameters configurable by the customer with a simple procedure

Tea/steam management

Boiler temperature control with PID algorithm

Removable connectors


Products suitable for liquid level management for devices such as coffee machines, cold drink systems and carbonation systems.

6.3×0.8 Faston connectors and/or removable connectors

External LED reserved for signaling the machine status (optional)

Active buzzer in the presence of an alarm (optional)

Service with one or two level probes

Parameters configurable on customer request or modifiable through dip switches (optional)

Compact dimensions

230V/115V 50/60Hz standard power supplies (other power supplies on request)


Coffee Grinder

Switching power supply between 115Vac and 230Vac 50 / 60Hz

Compact dimensions

Single-phase AC motor control via triac piloted at “zero crossing”

Capacitive keyboard backlit with monochromatic LEDs made of PMMA

Backlit alphanumeric display

6.3×0.8 Faston connectors


DC3M dispenser for the automation of public drinking water systems, cocktail machines, dispensers for liquid products (milk, yogurt, wine, oil, detergents etc.)

230V/115V 50/60Hz standard power supplies (other power supplies on request)

Compact dimensions

Plastic case cover closure and electronic card fixing without the use of screws

High flexibility of the automation software to adapt the control functions to the customer’s requests

Possibility of communication with coin payment systems and/or transponder systems

HUD interface via backlit alphanumeric display

Removable connectors to simplify maintenance operations

Predisposition for interfacing to GSM modules for data transmission


Electronic board designed to control a brushless motor with integrated electronics for the white sector.

Possibility of modifying the speed set point thanks to a trimmer provided on the board

A standard protection circuit protects the motor and the driver against overvoltages or excessive loads